Five Actors to Watch in Hollywood

Who are the up-and-comers, the stars to watch in Holllywood, likely to become the next superstar bra...


Bollywood: ‘The Lunchbox’ A Delicious Love Story

One of the underlying themes of The Lunchbox seems to be that an an era where instant and dull commu...


Indie Film: Citizen Jia Li, An Inspirational Story of Loyalty and Honor

Broad themes of loyalty, honor, duty and friendship run through Sky Crompton’s too-real slice-of-life story of a newly immigrated Ch...


Top 5 Most Anticipated Christmas Season Movies 2013

The last quarter of the year is here and the last round of Hollywood movies are about to be released. From highly awaited epic adventures...



Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep: You Won’t Sleep (Shining 2)

Doctor Sleep, on one level, is a rich, fulfilling read, with important themes—family, child abuse, and dignity in dying, among them. But it...


Why Midnight Ballad of Ghost Theater Is Becoming a Cult Classic

Like Rocky Horror Picture Show (on a smaller scale)—with a dose of Cinema Paradiso—Midnight Ballad of Ghost Theater (aka Ghost Theater) has...


Bestselling Author Tom Clancy Passes Away

Author Tom Clancy died at age 66 in a hospital near his Baltimore home. Tom Clancy will be missed by millions of devoted fans of both films...


Ghost Month Brings Out the Spirits: Top Four Asian Horror New Releases

Ghost Month (August) in Asia is a big deal. Not only do we wander amongst ghosts all this month, we have a veritable feast of bloody horro...


F&B Top 5: Best Bets for Debut TV Fall 2013

This fall, make the most of the inclement weather and get comfortable watching the newest TV shows to hit the networks. There are some rea...


백년의 유산 / Baeknyeoneui Yoosan One Hundred Years’ Legacy Review

Despite the clichés, once hooked, you'll find yourself anticipating and dreading this love-to-hate i...


Deadline by Sandra Brown

Relentless. That's the best description I have for Sandra Brown's stunning romantic thriller, Deadli...


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Ek Tha Tiger : Go for it and feel the Salman Magic

Ek Tha Tiger : Go for it and feel the Salman Magic

Salman Khan is the 'Rajnikanth of North India' . This man is an audience's actor and he always delivers his performance in style. Fans will queue up in multiplexes and cinema halls and they will enjoy the real mash up wi[...]

Review: Good Doctor

Review: Good Doctor

From the beginning the viewers is hurled into the story, with a big "help me" scene—a child hurt by a falling sign on the railway platform, and a autistic savant genius Shi On using pens and crude instruments to save him[...]

Review: Joo Won

Review: Joo Won

Among Korea's hottest actors today, one rising star sets himself apart from the pack through a seemingly tireless pursuit of perfection. With the perfect blend of boyish charm and manly masculinity, Moon Joo Won is South[...]

Friends or Foes: Salman and Shahrukh?

Friends or Foes: Salman and Shahrukh?

While Bollywood movie lovers all over the world go gaga when Shahrukh Khan delivers a romantic dialogue or when Salman Khan rips off his shirt, the antagonism between these two actors attracts enough attention—sometimes [...]

Review: Lee Min Ho

Review: Lee Min Ho

Korean stars are rapidly breaking into the mainstream market and Lee-Min-ho is one of them near the top of any list for popularity, acting ability and charm. Lee Min Ho is a certified Korean star and is known for his rol[...]

Kimchi Family is My Korean Drama of the Year

Kimchi Family is My Korean Drama of the Year

Korean Drama Balhyo Kajok (Kimchi Family appeals to everyone at all levels. If you enjoy family drama, you'll never find a more complicated or fulfilling plot line in any drama on any continent.[...]

F&B Korean Drama Review: City Hunter

F&B Korean Drama Review: City Hunter

City Hunter, based on a Japanese manga of the same name by Tsukasa Hojo, is on the top of the K-Drama charts for 2011. Part spy-drama, action thriller, political melodrama, it is also equally a love story, complex story [...]



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